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Create an AWS EC2 instance with Ansible

To create an AWS EC2 instance with Ansible, you can use the ec2 module. Here's an example Ansible playbook that creates a t2.micro instance with CentOS 7:

AWS EC2 with Ansible


name: A description for the playbook.

hosts: localhost is used as we run this playbook locally.

gather_facts: Set to False to avoid gathering facts about the local machine.

ec2 module: This module is used to launch EC2 instances.

key_name: Replace with the name of your EC2 key pair.

region: Specify your AWS region (e.g., us-east-1).

instance_type: Set to t2.micro.

image: Specify the AMI ID for CentOS 7. You'll need to replace ami-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with the correct CentOS 7 AMI ID.

wait: Set to "yes" to wait for the instance to be in a running state.

count: Number of instances to launch (1 in this case).

group: Your security group name.

vpc_subnet_id: Specify the subnet ID in your VPC.

assign_public_ip: Set to "yes" to assign a public IP to the instance.

register: This stores the information about the newly launched instance in the ec2_instance variable.

add_host: This adds the newly launched instance to a host group named "launched" so you can target it in subsequent plays.



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